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This Week in Math

Week of May 21-25  

Monday: Awards Day and math review

Tuesday: 60% Day & Math Review

Wednesday: 60% Day & Math Review

Thursday: HAPPY SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                See you in August!  :)

Week of May 14 - 18  

Monday: Review of volume, area, perimeter, statistical questions, Mean median, mode, range, 3 D shapes and nets

Tuesday: Rule Book Quiz; TEST 4.8 Review

Wednesday: Continue review from Monday

Thursday: Final Weekly Test

Friday: 6th Grade Field Day

Week of May 7 - 11  


Tuesday: Reward Day Movie: bring a snack and drink to math class

Wednesday: Math activities & competition

Thursday: Rule Book Quiz; Timed "x" Test; and review for Friday's math exam

Friday: Math exam

Week of April 30 - May 4  

Monday: ELA state test and math state test review

Tuesday: ELA state test and math state test review

Wednesday: TEST 4.7

Thursday:Correct Test 4.7; Rule Book Quiz; Timed "x" Test


This is IT!  May the "4th" be with you! :)

Week of April 23-27  

Monday: Correct Friday's test; review for state test

Tuesday: Review for state test

Wednesday: Review for state test

Thursday: Review for state test; Timed "x" test; State Math Test Study Guide Quiz

Friday: TEST 4.6


Week of April 16-20  

Monday: Correct Test 4.4; State Test Review

Tuesday: Skill Review

Wednesday: Inequalities Quiz; Skill Review

Thursday: Timed "x" Test; Test 4.5 Review

Friday: TEST 4.5


****Please make sure that your Rule Book is complete.  You should have Rules #1-91.

Week of April 9-13  

Monday: Copy Rule #88 "Finding the whole when you know part and %"; Correct Test 4.3; Lesson 9.2.2 Percents

Tuesday: Copy Rule #89 "Surface Area of a Cube"; Lesson 9.2.3 Rate & Percents

Wednesday: Copy Rule #90 "Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism"; Rule Book Quiz; State/Weekly Test Reviews

Thursday: Copy Rule #91 "Surface Area of a 3D Figure"; Timed "x" Test; Test 4.4 Review

Friday: TEST 4.4

Week of April 2-6  

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Correct TEST 4.2. Lesson 9.1.2 Day 1 on 3D shapes / nets. Review volume.

Wednesday: Lesson 9.1.2 Day 2 on Surface Area

Thursday: Timed "x" test; TEST 4.3 REVIEW

Friday: TEST 4.3

**No new rules in rule book this week.  We will add more rules next week.

Week of March 26-30  

Monday: Copy Rule #85 "Volume of a Right Rectangular Prism";Correct Test 4.1 with a partner; Lesson 8.1.5 "Displaying Data"

Tuesday: Copy Rule #86 "Volume by 1/2 inch Cubes"; Lesson 8.2.1 "Statistical Questions"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #87 "What is a Statistical Question?"; Lesson 9.1.1 "Volume"; Timed "x" Test

Thursday: TEST 4.2

Friday: Holiday

**Monday & Tuesday nights' homework is this week's test review.

Week of March 19-23  

Monday: Copy Rule #81 "Graphing Inequalities"(A); Lesson 8.1.1 /8.1.3 Central Tendencies & Describing a Distribution

Tuesday: Copy Rule #82 "Graphing Inequalities" (B); Lesson 8.1.2 "Describing a Distribution"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #83 "Describing a Distribution"(A); Lesson 8.1.4 "Skewed Box & Whisker Plots"

Thursday: Copy Rule #84 "Describing a Distribution"(B); timed "x" test; TEST 4.1 Review

Friday: TEST 4.1

Week of March 12-16  

Happy Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of March 5 - 9  

Monday: Lesson 8.3.3 and review for inequality symbols quiz

Tuesday: Inequality Symbols Quiz; review central tendencies, Begin Test 3.7 Review

Wednesday: Review central tendencies; Complete Test 3.7 Review

Thursday: TEST 3.7

Friday: skill/standard review activities

*No new rules this week.  Please make sure you have Rules #1- 80 in rule book.


Week of February 26 - March 2  

Monday: Copy Rule #78 "Terms for Less Than or Equal to Sign"; Correct Friday's test; Review for CASE 21/ 3rd Nine Weeks Test

Tuesday: Copy Rule #79 "Terms for > Sign"; Review for CASE 21 / 3rd Nine Weeks Test

Wednesday: CASE 21 /3rd Nine Weeks Test

Thursday: Copy Rule #80 "Terms for Greater Than or Equal to Sign"; Lesson 8.3.1

               Timed "x" test

Friday: No Rule today.  Lesson 8.3.2

Week of February 19 - 23  

Monday: Student Holiday

Tuesday: Copy Rule #75 "Inequalities";Correct TEST 3.5; Lesson 7.3.4 on Inequalities

Wednesday: Copy Rule #76 "Inequalities and Variable Placement"; finish Lesson 7.3.4 and begin review for Friday's Test 3.6 (Midpoint Test)

Thursday: Copy Rule #77 "Less Than Terms"; Timed "x" test; finish review for Friday's Test 3.6 (midpoint test)

Friday: Test 3.6 (midpoint test- covering Lessons 1.1 - 6.2)

Week of February 12 - 16  

Monday:  Copy Rule #70 "1 Step Addition Equations";Correct Friday's test; Lesson 7.3.1 " Using Properties to Generate Equivalent Expressions"

Tuesday: Copy Rule #71 "1 Step Subtraction Equations"; Lesson 7.3.2 "Distributive Property"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #72 "1 Step Multiplication Equations"; Lesson 7.3.3 "Solve Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities"

Thursday: Copy Rule #73 "1 Step Division Equations"; Timed "x" test; Test 3.5 Review

Friday: TEST 3.5

Week of February 5-9  

Monday: Copy Rule #65 "Parts of a Variable Expression"; Correct Test 3.3; Lesson 7.1.1 on Unit Rate

Tuesday: Copy Rule #66 "Simplifying a Variable Expression"; Lesson 7.1.2 on Comparing Rates in Tables and Graphs

Wednesday: Copy Rule #67 "How to Find Unit Rate"; TEST 3.4 Review

Thursday: Copy Rule #68 "How to Find Unit Price"; Timed "x" Test; Lesson 7.1.3 on Real World Ratio and Rate Reasoning

Friday: TEST 3.4

*Copies of Rules and Test Review are located under the file manager tab.

Week of January 29 - February 2  

Monday: correct Friday's test; Lesson 6.2.4 "Simplify Algebraic Expressions"

Tuesday: Lesson 6.2.5 "Solving One Step Equations"

Wednesday: Lesson 6.2.6 "Writing and Solving Equations"

Thursday: Timed "x" test; review/skill practice

Friday: Test 3.3

Students will complete bellwork daily for a classwork grade.

Week of January 22-26  

Welcome Back after all the snow and ice!!!!!!! :) Glad you are here!!!!!!

Monday: Test 3.1

Tuesday: Lesson 6.2.2 Evaluate Variable Expressions

Wednesday: Test 3.2 Review

Thursday: Lesson 6.2.3 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions by Combining Like Terms

Friday: TEST 3.2

Week of January 8 - 12  

Monday: Copy Rule #61 "Reciprocal"; Review adding, subtracting, multiplying, & dividing fractions & mixed numbers. Review converting fractions to decimals and fraction word problems.

Tuesday: Copy Rule #62 "Dividing Fractions" Lesson 6.2.1 (PEMDAS, Exponents, Terms)

Wednesday: Copy Rule #63 "Dividing Mixed Numbers" Lesson 6.2.1 -Day 2

Thursday: Copy Rule #64 "Circle Terms"; Timed "x" test; Whiteboard review for tomorrow's test

Friday: TEST 3.1

*Copies of rules are located under the file manager tab.

Week of January 1-5  

Mon-Wed.: Student Holiday

Thursday: Copy Rule #59 "Changing a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction"; Review  multiplying fractions and learn to divide fractions using KFC method

Friday: Copy Rule #60 "Changing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers" and divide fractions


December 16-January 3  

Have a wonderful break!  Enjoy this season with your friends and family! Thank you for all you hard work first semester.  I look forward to a great 2nd semester with each of you!  See you on Thursday, Jan. 4. :)

Week of Dec. 11-15  

Monday: Review for 9 Weeks Test

Tuesday: Review for 9 Weeks Test

Wednesday: 9 Weeks Test

Thursday: Review CASE 21 Test and Christmas themed math activities

Friday: Math Competition to review this semester's skills

Week of Dec. 4-8  

Monday: Copy Rule #56 "Area of a Trapezoid"; correct Fri.'s test, Lesson 5.3.3 on Area of Trapezoid

Tuesday: Copy Rule #57 "Multiplying #'s by 10, 100..."; Lesson 5.3.4 on Complex Shapes

Wednesday: Copy Rule #58 "Dividing #'s by 10, 100...";Review for Friday's test and review area of shapes

Thursday: Rule Book Check Quiz; Timed "x" test; review area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, triangles,& trapezoids & multiplying fractions & mixed #'s

Friday: TEST 2.8

Week of November 27 - December 1  

Monday: Copy Rule # 52 "Perimeter"; Lesson 5.3.1, Area of Parallelograms

Tuesday: Copy Rule #53 "Area of Rectangles and Squares"; Lesson 5.3.2, Area of Triangles

Wednesday: Copy Rule #54 "Area of Parallelogram"; Fraction Review +, -, x

Thursday: Copy Rule #55 "Area of Triangle"; Timed "x" test; Test 2.7 Review

Friday: TEST 2.7

Week of November 20 -24  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of November 13-17  

Monday: Corrrect Friday's test; Lesson 5.2.1 on ratio and rate; Multiply Fractions

Tuesday: Lesson 5.2.2; Multiply Fractions

Wednesday: Review for CASE 21 test

Thursday: CASE 21 test- this will count as Test 2.6

Friday: Thanksgiving Math, FACEing Math, Hidden Figures

*Copies of bellwork are located under the file manager tab.

*No new rules this week.  We will continue with our rule book after Thanksgiving break.


Week of November 6-10  

Monday: Rule Book Quiz #4; Practice CASE 21 TEST; Review adding integers

Tuesday: Rule Book Quiz #5; Review and correct practice Case 21 test; review subtracting integers

Wednesday: Test 2.5 Review; review adding and subtracting integers

Thursday: Timed "x" test; check Test 2.5 review; review adding & subtracting integers

Friday: TEST  2.5

*Copy of TEST 2.5 Review is located under the file manager tab

Week of October 30 - November 3  

Monday: Copy Rule #47 "Adding Integers"; Review/Correct Test 2.3; Lesson 5.1.1 on adding/ subtracting integers

Tuesday: Copy Rule #48 "Rules for Adding/Subtracting Integers"; Lesson 5.1.2 on rules for +/- integers

Wednesday: Copy Rule #49 "Multiplying Fractions"; Lesson 5.1.3 on +/- integers with double signs

Thursday: Copy Rule #50 "Simplify Before You Multiply"; Timed "x" test; Lesson 5.1.4 on real world integers

Friday: TEST 2.4 (Midpoint Test)

**Copies of rules and homework are located under the file manager tab.

Week of October 23-27  

Monday: Copy Rule #43 "Writing Answers in Simplest Form". Finish Lesson 4.1.3 and work on Lesson 4.1.4 on Writing Real World Algebraic Expressions; correct Test 2.2

Tuesday: Copy Rule #44 "Adding & Subtracting Unlike Fractions" Lesson 4.2.1/4.2.3 on Ratios

Wednesday: Copy Rule #45 "Adding and Subtracting Like Mixed Numbers" Lesson 4.2.4 on Ratios

Thursday: Copy Rule #46 "Renaming Before Subtracting"; Timed "x" test; Rule Book Check Quiz and Review for tomorrow's test

Friday: TEST 2.3

*Copies of rules, homework, classwork, & test reviews are located under the file manager tab.

Week of October 16-20  

Monday:Copy Rule #39 "Reflecting Points Across the x-axis"; Correct Friday's test; Lesson 3.2.4 on Distance on a Coordinate Plane

Tuesday: Copy Rule #40 "Reflecting Points Across the y-axis"; Lesson 4.1.1 on Algebraic Expressions

Wednesday: Copy Rule #41 " Finding the Distance Between Ordered Pairs"; Lesson 4.1.2 on Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Thursday: Copy Rule #42 "How to Get Like Fractions"; Timed "x" Test; Lesson 4.1.3 on Identifying Equivalent Expressions

Friday: TEST 2.2

*Copies of classwork, homework and math rules are on under the file manager tab.


Week of October 9-13  

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Copy Rule #35 "Integers"; Lesson 3.2.1 on Integers and opposite numbers

Wednesday: Copy Rule #36 "Absolute Value"; Lesson 3.2.2 on Absolute Value; review opposites and ordering integers

Thursday: Copy Rule # 37 "Ratios"; Lesson 3.2.3 on the Coordinate Plane; Timed "x" test

Friday: Test 2.1

*Copies of rules, classwork sheets, and homework are located under the file manager tab.

Week of October 2 -6  

Monday: Copy Rule # 31 "Finding the Mean (or average)"; Correct Friday's test; Review for NINE WEEKS TEST ON WED.

Tuesday: Copy Rule #32 "Finding the Mode" Review for tomorrow's NINE WEEKS TEST

Wednesday: NINE WEEKS TEST and Copy Rule #33 "Finding the Range"

Thursday: Copy Rule #34 "Finding the Median" and Math Tag Relay, M & M activity

Friday: Dastardly Decimals Activity, Facing Math, Scoot Game

*Copies of Rules, Test Review and Classwork are located under the file manager tab

Week of September 25-29  

Monday: Copy Rule #27 "Percent of a Number"; Correct Friday's test; Lesson 3.1.5

Tuesday: Copy Rule #28 "Box and Whisker Plots" A; Lesson 3.1.6 on writing ratios

Wednesday: Copy Rule #29 "Box and Whisker Plots" B; Lesson 3.2.0 on Least Common Multiples

Thursday: Copy Rule #30 Test 1.8 Review and Timed "x" test

Friday: Test 1.8

9 Weeks Math Test is next week: Wednesday, Oct. 4.

*Copies of homework, rules, & test reviews are under the file manager tab.

Week of September 18-22  

Monday: Copy Rule #23 "Changing a Decimal to a Fraction"; Correct Test 1.6, Lesson 3.1.3 Day 1 (% Ruler and Fractions)

Tuesday: Copy Rule #24 "Changing a Fraction to a Decimal"; Lesson 3.1.3 Day 2, QUIZ on +/- Decimals

Wednesday: Copy Rule #25 "Changing Percents to Decimals"; Lesson 3.1.4 Portions Web

Thursday: Copy Rule #26 "Changing Decimals to Percents"; Timed "x" test; "Thursday Skill Sheet" and TEST 1.7 Review

Friday: TEST 1.7

*Copies of Test Review, Rules, & Homework are located under the file manager tab.

Week of September 11-15  

Monday: Correct Friday's test; Lesson 2.3.4 on Distributive Property; Copy Rule #19 "Lowest Terms"

Tuesday: Lesson 3.1.1 on Equivalent Fractions & Simplifying Fractions; Copy Rule #20 "Equivalent Fractions"

Wednesday: Lesson 3.1.2 on Percent Ruler; Copy Rule #21 "How to Compare 2 Fractions"

Thursday: TEST 1.6 and Copy Rule #22 "Least Common Denominator"

Friday: Skill Review Day, Timed "x" Test; LHS Homecoming parade & pep rally

**Due to parade/pep rally our weekly test will be given on THURS., SEPT. 14


Week of September 4-8  

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Copy Rule #16 "Divsion w/Decimal in the Dividend"; Correct Friday's test; Lesson 2.2.3

Wednesday: Copy Rule #17 "Prime Factorization"; Lessons 2.3.1 and 2.3.2

Thursday: Copy Rule #18 "Order of Operations/PEMDAS"; Lesson 2.3.3; Timed "x" test; review for Friday's test

Friday: TEST 1.5 (Midpoint Test)

**Copies of rules and test review are located under the file manager tab.

Week of August 28 - September 1  

Monday: copy Rule #13 "GCF", correct/Friday's test, Lesson 2.13 on calculating central tendencies

Tuesday: copy Rule #14 "Math's Golden Rule", Lesson 2.14 on box and whisker plots, review central tendencies

Wednesday: copy Rule #15 "Divisibility Rules", Lesson 2.2.2 on area/perimeter of irregular shapes

Thursday: RULE BOOK QUIZ *You may use your rule book on the quiz.  Timed "x" test.  Test 1.4 Review

Friday: Test 1.4

*Copies of bellwork and rules are located under the file manager tab.

Week of August 21-25  

Monday: Copy Rule #9 "How to Round Decimals", Review Friday's test, Lesson 1.2.4-Day 1

Tuesday: Copy Rule #10 "How to Multiply Decimals", Lesson 1.2.4-Day 2, Divide Decimals (Learn how to Pop It Up!)

Wednesday: Copy Rule #11 "Exponents", Lesson 2.1.1; Chapter 1 Classwork/Review for a grade

Thursday: Timed "x" test, Lesson 2.1.2, Test 1.3 Review

Friday: TEST 1.3

*Copies of rules, classwork/test reviews are located under the file manager tab

Week of August 14 - 18  

Monday: Copy Rule #5 "+/- Decimals" Check/correct Friday's test.  Lesson 1.1.5.  +/- decimals.  Receive study guide for Thursday's quiz.

Tuesday: Copy Rule #6 "How to Compare Decimals" Lesson 1.2.1.  Write algebraic expressions.  Decimal review

Wednesday: Copy Rule #7 "Comparisons" Lesson 1.2.2. Review dot plots, histograms, decimals, prime/composite #'s.

Thursday: Copy Rule #8 "Finding LCM".  Timed "x" test. Quiz. Lesson 1.2.3.  Review for tomorrow's test on white boards.

Friday: Test 1.2   *School dance after school today from 3-5.

**Copies of rules are located under the file manager tab.

Week of August 7-11  

Monday: Rule #1 in rule book.  Create class histogram, work on divisibility rules, find GCF/LCM

Tuesday: Rule #2 in rule book.Find area/perimeter of squares and rectangles, review divisibility rules, find GCF/LCM.

Wednesday: Rule #3 in rule book.  Place value/rounding, prime/composite numbers, divisibility rules, find GCF/LCM.

Thursday: Rule #4 in rule book.  Timed "x" test.  Review for tomorrow's test.

Friday: TEST 1.1

*Copies of each week's rules and test reviews are located under the file manager tab.

Week of July 31- Aug. 4  

Wednesday: Last day of summer vaction.

Thursday: Welcome to 6th Grade!!! 

Friday: Timed "x" test, Learn how to use the "Magic L"

**Beginning Monday, August 7 copies of each week's rules for the Math Rule Book and copies of classwork/test reviews can be found under the file manager tab.

May 23- August 2  

Have a WONDERFUL summer break! 

Thank you for a great year!!!

Looking forward to meeting all of you new 6th graders in August!  :)