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This Week in Math

Week of March 25 - 29  

Monday: Copy Rule # 85 "Volume of a Rectangular Prism"; Correct Test 4.1; Lesson 8.1.5

Tuesday: Copy Rule #86 "Volume by 1/2" Cubes"; Lesson 8.2.1 on Statistical Questions

Wednesday: Copy Rule #87 "What is a Statistical Question"; Lesson 9.1.1 on Volume

Thursday: Quiz on datat and statistics; Timed "x" test; Test 4.2 Review

Friday: Test 4.2

Week of March 18-22  

Monday: Copy Rule #81 "Graphing Inequalities"A; Lesson 8.1.1 Central Tendencies & Lesson 8.1.3 "Describing a Distribution"

Tuesday: Copy Rule #82 "Graphing Inequlaities"B; Lesson 8.1.2

Wednesday: Copy Rule #83 "Discribing a Distribution" A; Lesson 8.1.4

Thursday: Copy Rule #84 "Describing a Distribution" B; Timed "x" Test; Test 4.1 Review

Friday:  Test 4.1


Week of March 11-15  

Happy Spring Break!!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Mon., March, 18.

Week of March 4 - 8  

Monday:Correct Test 3.7; Lesson 8.3.3 on unit rate and measurement

Tuesday: Solve central tendencies problems using dot plots & review CASE test questions

Wednesday: Solve central tendencies problems using dot plots & complete Test 3.8 review independently

Thursday: Check/correct Test 3.8 Review and review on whiteboards

Friday: TEST 3.8

Week of Feb. 25 - March 1  

Monday: CASE MATH TEST and 3rd 9 Weeks Skill Review

Tuesday: Copy Rule #79 "Terms for >"; Lesson 8.3.1 create equation from table or graph

Wednesday: Copy Rule #80 "Terms for Greater Than or = to sign"; Lesson 8.3.2 on ratio/rate

Thursday: Inequalities Symbols Quiz; Timed "x" Test; Test 3.7 Review

Friday: Test 3.7

Week of February 18-22  

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Copy Rule # 76 "Inequalities & Variable Placement"; Correct Test 3.6; Review for CASE Math Test

Wednesday: Copy Rule #77 " Less Than Terms"; Review for CASE Math Test

Thursday: Copy Rule #78 "Terms for Less Than or Equal to Symbol"; CASE Math Test

Friday: CASE MATH TEST.  Those students NOT testing until Monday will begin working on the 3rd Nine Weeks Review packet.

Week of February 11 - 15  

Monday:Copy Rule #73 "Solving One Step Division Equations"; Correct Test 3.5; Lesson 7.3.4 on Inequalities

Tuesday: Copy Rule #74 "Expressing Quotients in Different Ways"; Complete Lesson 7.3.4 and begin midpoint test (Test 3.6)Review

Wednesday: Copy Rule #75 "Inequalities"; Timed "x" Test; Complete Midpoint Test (Test 3.6) Review

Thursday: Midpoint Test (Test 3.6)

Friday: Student Holiday

*Due to Mix It Up Lunch, 5/6 period math classes will test during 6th period on Wed. & Thurs.

Week of February 4 - 8  

Monday: Copy Rule #69 "Division & Repeating Decimals"; Review Test3.4; Lesson 7.3.1 "Properties to Generate Equivalent Expressions"

Tuesday: Copy Rule #70 "1 Step Addition Equations"; Lesson 7.3.2 "Distributive Property"

Wednesdady: Copy Rule #71 "1 Step Subtraction Equations"; Lesson 7.3.3 "Solve Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities"

Thursday: Copy Rule #71 "1 Step Multiplication Equations"; Rule Book Check Quiz; Timed "x" test; Test 3.5 Review

Friday: TEST 3.5

Week of January 28 - February 1  

Monday: Copy Rule #65 "Parts of a Variable Expression"; Correct Test 3.3 with a partner; Lesson 7.1.1 on unit rate

Tuesday: Copy Rule #66 "Simplifying a Variable Expresssion"; Lesson 7.1.2 "Comparing Rates in Tables & Graphs"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #67 "How to Find Unit Rate"; Lesson  7.1.3 "Real World Ratio/ Rate Reasoning"

Thursday: Copy Rule #68 "How to Find Unit Price"; Timed "x' Test; Test 3.4 Review

Friday: TEST 3.4 ( We will test on the computer.)


Week of January 21 - 25  

Monday: MLK Holiday

Tuesday: Bellwork; Correct Test 3.2; Lesson 6.2.5 on solving 1 step equations

Wednesday: Bellwork: Lesson 6.2.6 on writing & solving equations

Thursday: Complete bellwork & turn in for a grade; timed "x" test; Test 3.3 Review

Friday: TEST 3.3

Week of January 14-18  

Monday: Copy Rule #61 "Circling Terms"; Correct Test 3.1; Lesson 6.2.2 "Evaluate Expressions"

Tuesday: Bellwork sheet; Lesson 6.2.3 "Simplifying Algebraic Expressions By Combing Like Terms"

Wednesday: Bellwork sheet: Lesson 6.2.4 "More Simplifying Algebraic Expressions"

Thursday: Complete bellwork sheet & turn in for a grade.  Timed "x" test. Review for TEST 3.2

Friday: TEST 3.2

Week of January 7 - 11  

Monday: Copy Rule #59 Change a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction; Correct Test 2.8; Review "x" fractions & mixed #'s; Divide fractions

Tuesday: Copy Rule #60 Change Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers"; Divide fractions & Mixed Numbers

Wednesday: Copy Rule #61 Reciprocal; Lesson 6.2.1- Day 1 (PEMDAS, Exponents, Terms); review dividing fractions & mixed numbers

Thursday: Copy Rule #62 Dividing Fractions; Timed "x" Test; Lesson 6.2.1 - Day 2; Review fraction operations

Friday: Copy Rule #63 Dividing Mixed Numbers; TEST 3.1

January 3 and 4  

Thursday: Timed "x" test; review 1st semester skills, objectives, & standards

Friday: TEST 2.8

Week of December 17 - 21  

Monday: Review this semester's standards and objectiveswith math activities.   

Tuesday: Review this semester's standards and objectives with math activities.

Wednesday: Happy Christmas Break!  Will see you on Thursday, January 3, 2019.

Week of December 10-14  

Monday: Correct Test 2.7; Lesson 3.4 on Area of Irregular Figures

Tuesday: Complete Lesson 3.4 and begin review for first semester exam

Wednesday: Rule Book Check Quiz; review for first semester exam

Thursday: Timed "x" test; review for first semester exam

Friday: First Semester Exam

Week of December 3 - 7  


Tuesday: Copy Rule #56 "Area of a Trapezoid"; Lesson 5.3.2 on area of triangles

Wednesday: Copy Rule #57 " Multiplying Numbers by 10, 100, 1000, etc"; Lesosn 5.3.3 on area of a trapezoid

Thursday: Copy Rule #58 "Dividing Numbers by 10, 100, 1000, etc."; Timed "x" test; and review for TEST 2.7

Friday: TEST 2.7

**Rule Book Check quiz next week.  9 Weeks test on Friday, Dec. 14.**

Week of November 26-30  

Monday: ALL 6th Grade students will take the English/Language Arts CASE Test. 

Tuesday: Review for Math CASE Test

Wednesday: Review for Math CASE Test

Thursday: Review for Math CASE Test

Friday: Review for Math CASE Test


Week of November 19 - 23  

HAPPY THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of November 12-16  

Monday: Copy Rule #52 "Perimeter"; Corret Test 2.5;Lesson 5.2.2; Practice Multiplying Fractions & Mixed #'s

Tuesday: Copy Rule #53 "Area of Rectangles & Squares"; Lesson 5.3.1

Wednesday: Copy Rule #54 " Area of Parallelograms"; Fraction Day (+,-,x)

Thursday: Copy Rule #55 "Area of Triangle";Timed "x" Test; Whiteboard review for Test 2.6

Friday: TEST 2.6 

*Progress notes will go home on Wednesday, November14. Please sign & return.


Week of November 5 - 9  

Monday: Copy Rule #51 "Multiplying Mixed Numbers"; Correct Test 2.4; Lesson 5.1.3 "Rules for +/- Integers with Double Signs"

Tuesday: Rule Book Check Quiz #4; Lesson 5.1.4 "Real World Integers"

Wednesday: Rule Book Check Quiz #5; Lesson 5.2.1 "Ratio/Rate"

Thursday: Add/Subtract Integers Quiz; Finish Test 2.5 Review; Timed "x" Test

Friday: TEST 2.5

Week of October 29- November 2  

Monday: Copy Rule #47 "Adding Integers"; Correct Test 2.3; Lesson 4.2.4 on ratios

Tuesday: Copy Rule #48 "Subtracting Integers"; Lesson 5.1.1 "+/- Integers"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #49 "Multiplying Fractions"; Lesson 5.1.2 "Rules of +/- Integers"

Thursday: Copy Rule #50 "Simplify Before You Multiply"; Timed "x" test; Finish TEST 2.4 Review

Friday: TEST 2.4 (Midpoint Test)



Week of October 22 - 26  

Monday: Copy Rule #43 "Writing Answers in Simplest Form"; Correct Test 2.2; Lesson 4.1.3 "Identify Equivalent Expressions"

Tuesday: Copy Rule #44 "Adding & Subtracting Unlike Fractions"; Lesson 4.1.4 "Writing Real World Algebraic Expressions"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #45 "Adding & Subtracting Like Mixed Numbers"; ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS QUIZ; Lesson 4.2.1 "Ratios"

Thursday: Copy Rule #46 "Renaming Before Subtracting"; Timed "x" test; RULE BOOK CHECK QUIZ; Test 2.3 Review

Friday: TEST 2.3


Wek of October 15-19  

Monday: Copy Rule #39 "Reflecting Points Across the X axis"; Correct Test 2.1; Lesson 3.2.4 on distance on a coordinate plane

Tuesday: Copy Rule #40 "Reflecting Points Across the Y axis"; Lesson 4.1.1 "Intro. into Algebraic Expressions"

Wednesday: Copy Rule #41 "Finding Distance Betweeen Ordered Pairs"; Lesson 4.1.2 "Writing Algebraic Expressions"

Thursday: Copy Rule #42 " How to Get Like Fractions"; Timed "x" test; Review for Test 2.2

Friday: Test 2.2

Week of October 8 - 12  

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Copy Rule #35 "Integers";Correct 9 Weeks Test; Lesson 3.2.1 on Integers

Wednesday: Copy Rule #36 "Absolute Value"; Lesson 3.2.2 on Absolute Value

Thursday: Copy Rule #37 "Ratios"; Lesson 3.2.3 on Coordinate Plane; REPORT CARDS GO HOME TODAY

Friday:  Copy Rule #38 "Parts of a Coordinate Plane"; TEST 2.1

Week of October 1-5  

Monday: Copy Rule #31 "Finding the Mean"; Correct Fri.'s test; Nine Weeks test review

Tuesday: Copy Rule #32 "Finding the Mode"; RULE BOOK CHECK QUIZ; Nine Weeks Test Review

Wednesday: Copy Rule #33 "Finding the Range"; Nine Weeks Test Review


Friday: Math Enrichment Day

Week of September 24-28  

Monday: Copy Rule #27 "Percent of a Number"; Correct Test 1.7; Lesson 3.1.5 % rulers and portions web

Tuesday: Copy Rule #28 "Box & Whiskers Plots -A"; Lesson 3.1.6 Writing Ratios

Wednesday: Copy Rule #29 "Box & Whiskers Plots - B"; Lesson 3.2.0 LCM; Section 3.1 Review

Thursday: Copy Rule #30 "Box & Whiskers Plots-C"; Timed "x" test; Test 1.8 Review

Friday: TEST 1.8


Week of September 17-21  

Monday: Copy Rule #23 "Changing a Decimal to a Fraction"; Correct Fri's test; Lesson 3.1.3 Day 2 (% rulers and portions)

Tuesday: Copy Rule #24 "Changing a Fraction to a Decimal"; Lesson 3.1.4 (Portion Webs)

Wednesday: Copy Rule #25 "Changing Percents to Decimals"; Timed "x" Test; TEST 1.7 Review

Thursday: Copy Rule #26 "Changing Decimals to Percents";TEST 1.7

Friday: HOMECOMING DAY:  Math Scoot Activity,Parade, Campus Wide Pep Rally, Mix It Up Lunch, Dodgeball Tourney

Week of September 10-14  

Monday: Copy Rule #19 "Lowest Terms"; Correct Fri's test; Lesson 2.3.4 on Distributive Property

Tuesday: Copy Rule # 20 "Equivalent Fractions"; Lesson 3.1.1

Wednesday: Copy Rule #21 "How to Compare Two Fractions"; Lesson 3.1.2 on Percent Ruler

Thursday: Copy Rule #22 "Least Common Denominator"; Lesson 3.1.3 Day 1; Timed "x" test

Friday: TEST 1.6


Week of September 3 - 7  

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Copy Rule #16 "Division with Decimal in Dividend"; Lesson 2.2.3; review MMMR & Box Plots

Wednesday: Copy Rule #17 "Prime Factorization"; Lessons 2.3.1 & 2.3.2; QUIZ on MMMR & Box Plots

Thursday: Copy Rule #18 "Order of Operations: PEMDAS"; Lesson 2.3.4; Timed "x" test; TEST 1.5 (Midpoint Test) Review

Friday: TEST 1.5 (Midpoint Test)


Week of August 27 - 31  

Monday: Copy Rule #13 "GCF"; Correct Fri.'s test; Lesson 2.1.3 Calculating Central Tendencies

Tuesday: Copy Rule #14 "Math's Golden Rule"; Lesson 2.1.4 Create & Interpret Box & Whisker Plots

Wednesday: Copy Rule #15 " Divisibility Rules"; Lesson 2.2.2 "Area & Perimeter of Irregular Shapes"

Thursday: Finish Rule #15 if needed; RULE BOOK CHECK QUIZ (You may use your rule book on the quiz.); Timed "x" test; TEST 1.4 Review

Friday: TEST 1.4

Week of August 20-24  

Monday: Copy Rule #9 "How to Round Decimals"; Correct Fri.'s test; Lesson 1.2.4 Day 1 prime factorization

Tuesday: Copy Rule #10 "How to Multiply Decimals"; Lesson 1.2.4 Day 2

Wednesday: Copy Rule #11 "Exponents"; Lesson 2.1.1; Chapter 1 Review

Thursday: Copy Rule #12 "How to Read Exponents" Lesson 2.1.2; Timed "x" test

Friday: TEST 1.3

Week of August 13-17  

Monday: Correct TEST 1.1; Copy Rule #5 "+/- Decimals"; Lesson 1.1.4

Tuesday: Copy Rule #6 "How to Compare Decimals"; Lesson 1.1.5; +/-/order/compare decimals

Wednesday: Copy Rule #7 " Comparisons"; Lesson1.2.1; translate algebraic expressions

Thursday: Copy Rule #8 "Finding LCM"; Timed "x" test; QUIZ; Lesson 1.2.2 and Review for TEST 1.2

Friday: Finish copying Rule #8 (if time is needed) TEST 1.2 and school dance from 3-5 p.m.

Week of August 6 - 10  

Monday: Welcome to 6th Grade!! 

Tuesday: Begin Math Rule Book with Rule #1: "Addition Terms"; Magic "L"

Wednesday: Rule #2 "Subtraction Terms" ; Magic "L"; Perimeter and Area

Thursday: Rule #3 "Multiplication Terms"; Timed "x" test; decimals & prime/composite numbers

Friday: Rule #4 "Division Terms" TEST 1.1