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Mrs. Valory Thomas

6th Grade Math


Welcome to Mrs. Thomas's Class!


School Twitter Account @LmsPatriots

School Hash Tag #LMSPATS (does not have to be capitalized)

Anti-bullying hashtag #StandtogetherLMS

Please review the contents of the Student/Parent Handbook located at

Students may bring a plastic water bottle to class.  Drinks, Loaded Teas, and juices/sports drinks are prohibited in class.  No YETI or metal style cups.

Bell Schedule:

1st Period - 7:15 - 8:05

2nd Period - 8:08 - 8:57

Break - 8:57 - 9:07

3rd Period - 9:10 - 9:58

4th Period - 10:01 - 10:49

5th Period - 10:52 - 12:17

6th Period - 12:20 - 1:08

7th Period - 1:11 - 1:59

8th Period  2:02 - 2:50

Lunch Schedule:  Lunch time is based on students' 4th Period class.

1st Lunch -   Group A  10:48-11:15  Group B 10:52 - 11:19

2nd Lunch -Group A   11:17 - 11:44  Group B 11:21 - 11:48

3rd Lunch - Group A  11:46 - 12:13  Group B 11:50 - 12:17

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the contact link above.

About the Teacher

Hello!  I'm Valory Thomas, and I am your child’s sixth grade Math teacher. I am very excited to begin another school year. Parents, you and I will be spending more time with your child than any other adult. Because of this, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about myself both professionally and personally.

Although I have always wanted to be an educator, teaching is my second career. I have many years (18+) in the banking and finance industry prior to becoming an educator. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education, with honors, from Victory University, and a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from Belhaven University.  I am highly qualified to teach grades K-6.  One of my proudest professional moments was being named LMS Teacher of the Year 2019-2020. This year will mark my twelfth year as an educator and an LMS Patriot.

I have been married to my husband Joseph for twenty-seven years, and we have two adult children (Winston & Bethany). Our son is married, and he and his wife have given us three beautiful grandbabies (Karson, Kylar & Keagan).  Our daughter is a 2022 graduate of the University of Mississippi and is a second year student (PY2) at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy (UMSOP).  My husband is the Pastor of Enon Springs M.B. Church in Hernando, MS where we have served there for seventeen years. I am active in several ministries; however, my favorite is singing alto in the Mass Choir.  

Even though I enjoy my job and interacting with students, I have high expectations for them. I love to educate young minds and I am driven to ensure students grow academically.



All assignments and downloadable copies of Class Handouts/Homework can be found on students' Math Course in Schoology.



Wish List

CANDY, CANDY CANDY! (No candy w/peanuts)

Stickers - Stars (especially), Motivational, etc....

Activity History

February 10th-14th  

Mon - Bellwork: 'Monday' section, Review/Correct Test 3.5, Percent Word Problems, Begin MidPoint Review

Tue - Bellwork: 'Tuesday' section, Irregular Figures: Missing Dimensions

Wed - Bellwork: 'Wednesday' section, Area of Complex Figures w/Rectangles

Thurs - Bellwork: 'Thursday' section, Timed X Test, Skills Review

Fri - MidPoint Test (Test 3.6), Math Enrichment

February 3rd-7th  

Mon - Bellwork: 'Monday' section, Review/Correct Test 3.4, Lesson: Converting Fractions, Decimals, & Percents AND Percent of a Number

Tue - Bellwork: 'Tuesday' Section, Converting Fractions, Decimals, & Percents AND Find the Whole % Proportion

Wed - Bellwork: 'Wednesday' Section, Converting Fractions, Decimals, & Percents AND Modeling Percent

Thurs - Bellwork: 'Thursday' Section (turn in for grade), Timed X Test, Test 3.5 Review

Fri - Test 3.5 (ZipGrade), Math Enrichment

January 27th-31st  

Mon - Rule #82, Review/Correct Test 3.3, Skills Review Packet: Statistics and Central Tendency

Tue - Rule #83, Skills Review Packet:Multiplying/Dividing Fractions/Mixed Numbers, Expressions, Ratios

Wed - Rule #84, Skills Review Packet: Parts of Expressions, Simplifying Expressions

Thurs - Rule #85, SKills Review Packet: One-Step Equations, Writing and Graphing Inequalities

Fri - Test 3.4

January 20th-24th  

Mon - School Holiday

Tue - Rule #79, Review Test 3.2, Unit Rate/Unit Cost

Wed - Rule #80, Equivalent Fractions

Thurs - Rule #81, Timed X Test, Skills Review

Fri - Test 3.3, Math Enrichment

January 13th-17th  

Mon - Rule #76, Review Test 3.1, Understanding Ratios

Tue - Rule #77, Comparing Rates in Tables & Graphs

Wed - Rule #78, Solving Unit Rate Problems

Thurs - Bellwork: Algebraic Expressions, Timed X Test, Converting Unit Measurements

Fri - Test 3.2, Math Enrichment

January 6th-10th  

Mon - Rule #72, Equivalent Expressions Review

Tue - Rule #73, Independent/Dependent Variables

Wed - Rule #74, Writing Equations from Graphs/Tables

Thurs - Rule #75, Timed X Test, Writing Unit Rate Equations

Fri - Test 3.1

December 16th-20th  

Mon - Rule #68, Review Test 2.7, Skills Review for Semester Exam

Tue - Rule #69, Final Timed X Test for R2, Quiz:Inequalities Symbols, Skills Review for Semester Exam

Wed - Rule #70, Skills Review: Whiteboard


Fri - Rule #71, Christmas Themed Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for December 16th-20th

December 9th-13th  

Mon - Rule #64, Lesson: Solving One-Step Equations w/Whole Numbers, Decimals & Fractions

Tue - Rule #65, Lesson: Writing & Graphing Inequalities

Wed - Rule #66, Lesson: More Writing & Graphing Inequalities

Thurs - Rule #67, Timed X Test, Lesson: Inequalities on a Number Line

Fri - Test 2.7 (ZipGrade), Math Enrichment

December 2nd-6th  

Mon - Rule #60, Lesson : Using Substitution Packet

Tue - Rule #61, Solving One-Step Equations Packet

Wed - Rule #62, Writing One-Step Equations Packet

Thurs - Rule #63, Timed X Test, Finish Classwork, Review for Test 2.6

Fri - Test 2.6, Math Enrichment

November 18th-22nd  

Mon - Rule #56, Review Test 2.5, CASE 21 Review

Tue - Rule #57, CASE 21 Review

Wed - Rule #58, Rule Book Quiz, CASE 21 Review


Fri - Rule #59, Math Enrichment Day

November 11th-15th  

Mon - Rule #53, Review Test 2.4, Absolute Value & Distance on a Number Line

Tue - Rule #54, Distance Between Points on Coordinate Plane

Wed - Rule #55, Writing Algebraic Expressions from Real World Context

Thurs - Rule #56, Timed X Test, Test 2.5 Review

Fri - Test 2.5, Enrichment

November 4th-8th  

Mon - Rule #51, Review Test 2.3, Combining Like Terms, Begin Test 2.4 Review

Tue - Staff Development - No School for Students

Wed - Rule #52, Reflecting Points on Coordinate Plane

Thurs - Rule #53, Timed X Test, QUIZ: Algebraic Expressions, Test 2.4 Review

Fri - Test 2.4, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for November 4th-8th

October 28th - Nov 1st  

Mon - Rules #45-47, Review Test 2.2, Modeling +/- Integers Notes

Tue - Rule #48, Rules for +/- Integers Notes

Wed - Rule #49, +/- Integers w/Double Signs Notes

Thurs - Rule #50, Timed X Test, Real World Integers Notes, Skills Review

Fri - Test 2.3 (ZipGrade), Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for October 28th - Nov 1st

October 21st - 25th  

Mon - Rule #41, Review/Correct Test 2.1, Distributive Property

Tue - Rule #41, Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Wed - Rule #43, Distributive Property w/Variables

Thurs - Rule #44, Test 2.2 Review, Timed x Test, Skills Review

Fri - Test 2.2, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for October 21st - 25th

October 14th-18th  

Mon - Fall Break

Tue - Rule #39, Prime Factorization, Fractional Exponents

Wed - Rule #40, Timed X Test, Test 2.1 Review, Skills Review

Thurs - Test 2.1

Fri - LHS Homecoming Parade/Pep Rally, Dodgeball Tourney, Math Competition Day (in class)

October 7th-11th  

Mon - Rule #35, Correct/Review Test 1.8, Skills Review for 9 Weeks Test

Tue - Rule #36, Final Timed X Test, 9 Weeks Test Review

Wed - Rule #37, Rule Book Quiz, 9 Weeks Test Review

Thurs - 9 Weeks Test

Fri - Rule #38, Math Enrichment Day: MMMR Scoot, FACing Math, 3 ACT Math: The Ultimate Throw

September 30th-October 4th  

* Students need to bring a calculator to class every day this week.  Calculators should be four-function.

Mon - Rule #31, Review/Correct Test 1.6, Lesson: Box Plots, Part 1

Tue - Rule #32, Lesson: Box Plots, Part 2

Wed - Rule #33, Lesson: Dot Plots & Histograms

Thurs - Rule #34, Timed X Test, Quiz: MMMR & Dot Plots, Skills Review

Fri - Test 1.8, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for September 30th-October 4th

September 16th-20th  

Mon - Rule #23, Correct/Review Test 1.5, Focus Skill: Expressions

Tue - Rule #24, Focus Skill: Exponents, Test Review 1, Skills Review

Wed - Rule #25, Quiz: Vocabulary, Test Review 2, Skills Review: Expressions & Exponents

Thurs - Rule #26, Timed X Test, Test Review 3, Focus Skill: ÷ Fractions Involving Area, Skills Review

Fri  Test 1.6 (MidPoint) - Calculator Active


Announcement Image for September 16th-20th

September 9th-13th  

Mon - Rule #20, Review/Correct Test 1.4, Coordinate Plane Lesson

Tue - Rule #21, Review Coordinate Plane, Skills Review

Wed - Rule #22, Lesson: Distance on Coordinate Plane, Begin Test 1.5 Review in Class

Thurs - Rule Book Quiz, Timed X Test, 3-ACT Math: Stocking Up

Fri - Test 1.5 - ZipGrade, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for September 9th-13th

September 2nd-6th  

Mon - Labor Day (Holiday)

Tue - Rule #16, Review/Correct Test 1.6, Integers

Wed - Rule #17, Integers, Skills Review

Thurs - Rule #18, Timed X Test, Check Test 1.4 Review (H/W), Absolute Value & Integers Review

Fri - Rule #19, Test 104, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for September 2nd-6th

August 26th-30th  

Mon - Rule #11, Review/Correct Test 1.2, Math Book pgs 31-36 (÷ fractions)

Tue - Rule #12, Math Book pgs 37-42 (÷ fractions), Skills Review

Wed - Rule #13, Math Book pgs 43-48 (÷ mixed #s), Skills Review

Thurs - Rule #14, Check Test 1.3 Review, Skills Review

Fri - Rule #15, Test 1.3, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for August 26th-30th

August 19th-23rd  

Mon - Rule #8, Review/Correct Test 1.1, Math Book pgs 14-16, Dividing Decimals, Skills Review

Tue - Rule #9, Skills Review

Wed - Rule #10, Math Book pgs 20-22, 24; Multiplying Fractions, Skills Review

Thurs - Rule Book Quiz, Check Test 1.2 Review, Timed X Test, Skills Review

Fri - Test 1.2, Math Enrichment

Announcement Image for August 19th-23rd

August 12th-16th  

Mon - Rule #3, Review 'Magic L', Area & Perimeter, Distribute Study Guide for Quiz

Tue - Rule #4, White Board Review: Magic L, Area & Perimeter, Rounding, Decimals, Study Guide

Wed - Rule #5, Skills Review (cont'd)

Thurs - Rule #6, Timed X Test, Quiz: Study Guide, Math Book: pgs 8-12

Fri - Rule #7, Test 1.1, Math Enrichment

August 5th - 9th  

Mon - Teacher Work Day

Tue - Teacher Work Day

Wed - Class Procedures/Expectations, Set Up Math Binder, Find Someone Who Activity, Smiley Faces

Thurs - Rule #1, Timed X Test, Review GCF/LCM, Magic "L", Birthday Bonanza

Fri - Rule #2, Readiness Assessment, Decorate Enrichment Folders