Mrs. Laura Creager
7th Grade Science
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To sign up for my Remind:To the number 81010, text the message @mrscreag. If you're in my 1st period class, add a 1 behind the 'g'. For 2nd peroid, add a '2' etc.

About Mrs. Creager:                                   

Education: attended the University of Memphis; received bachelors degree from University of Tn, Health Sciences in Memphis, and received Masters in the Arts of Teaching from National University.

Work History: worked as a seasonal park ranger in Rhode Island; spent 15 years working in health care field, and after receiving teaching certification began teaching science at Lewisburg Middle School in 2007.

Personal: I am married with 2 adult sons that I love more than life itself! Most important to me is my faith & family. My passions include Science & teaching. Also very important to me are my pets and teaching my students how to care for them. I want all of my students to know that I love every one of them & they are made for greatness!!!

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Assignments & info for May 11-May 15
This week we will be learning about a very important objective each of you will need to know for high school biology~Being able to differentiate between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. I encourage all of my students to do all assignments. At the end of the week, please take a picture of your work & email it to me. For Brainpop, the username is whileathome, and password isabc123.

Monday = Read chapter 2 lesson one(pages 70-74) and answer questions 1-9 in the columns.

Tuesday = Complete the lesson outline pages 10-11 by using the reading pages 70-74.

Wednesday~Complete the crossword puzzle page 14.

Thursday~Watch the brainpop video and answer video quiz. In addition, complete the modified true false questions on page 18.

Friday~ Complete the lesson 1 quiz on page 23.



At Home Experiments

At Home Experiment