Mr. James Wiltshire

7th Grade Science

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Daily objectives

Monday =August 16 = The students will review for section 1 quiz and go over kinetic and potential energy.

Tuesday = August 17 = The students will take section 1 quiz and go over temperature effects on particles of a solid, liquid, and a gas.

Wednesday = August 18 = The students will identify the affects of adding thermal energy to a substance.

Thursday = August 19 = The students will identify the affects of removing thermal energy from a substance.

Friday = August 20 = The students will identify the ways that states change form, and will also learn how states can skip phases.


The student will study 15 minutes every night and have parent sign the study log.

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About the Teacher


1993-1995   Northwest Mississippi Community College

1995-1998   Delta State University



1998- 2014  Olive Branch Middle School   

2014-present   Lewisburg Middle School

I have taught 7th and 8th grade science at Olive Branch Middle School from 1998-2014.

This is my 8th year at Lewisburg Middle School.


I have lived in Mississippi all my life. I now reside in Coldwater, MS. I have a beautiful wife whom I have been married to for almost 20 years. I also have two beautiful daughters, age 16 and 12.