Heather Sowell

7th Grade English


The Sowell Post

 Hi, Kiddos and Parents.  I have set up a blog post in order for us to free write and help us build communication and mindfulness skills, as well.  Please feel free to add to our blog post.  You can also check out some helpful mindfulness tips by logging into your Schoology account and clicking on the red couch on my virtual classroom.  


About the Teacher


My husband and I live in Olive Branch.  We have three boys that attend Lewisburg schools.  Caleb will be a freshman at the high school; Aiden will be in third grade at the elementary school; and Nate will be in second grade at the primary school.  Most weekends, we are found on a ballfield.  In our free time, though, I enjoy playing with the boys in the yard, reading, and playing with our many pets.  I am super excited about this year, and I know it will be a GREAT one!


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