Mrs. Amanda Huffman
Speech Language Pathologist

(662) 892-5050 Lewisburg Middle School

(662) 890-6708 Lewisburg High School

About Me


I am from Picayune, MS and graduated high school from there in 1987. I decided to attend Mississippi University for Women, and received my BS in Speech-Language Pathology. I further pursed my education by getting my MS in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. That dream was achieved in 1992.


This will start my 17th year as a speech-language pathologist in the school setting.  I have worked for several school districts across the state of Mississippi. My first 7 years in DeSoto County I worked at Greenbrook Elementary. Four years ago I switched gears and transferred to Lewisburg Middle School and Lewisburg High School.


I have been married to my husband, David, for 27 years.  He is the pastor at Hinds Chapel United Methodist Church, and Horn Lake United Methodist Church.  We have two daughters, Jessi, a junior in college, and Julia, a senior in high school.  I love gardening, traveling, music, and animals.

I am proud to be at Lewisburg Middle and High Schools, and look forward to a great year with your child!



Free Resources:

General Resources for Speech-Language   (All Ages) 



1.Home Speech Home 

2.Mommy Speech Therapy 

3.Tarheel Reader – Online books with     simple language 

4.Handy Handouts from Super Duper     Inc. 

5.Scholastic Magazine Online 

6. Storyline Online 

7. Vocabulary Practice 

8. Free Speech Therapy Resources 


9. The Speech Express 

10. Do2Learn 

11. Epic! 



Resources for Articulation 

1. Handy Handouts from Super Duper   Inc. 

2. Home Speech Home Articulation Work Lists 

3. Articulation Word Lists by Natalie   Snyder 

PDF Link 


Resources for Fluency (Stuttering) 

1. Stuttering Foundation 


3. FRIENDS for parents 


Resources for Language for Elementary, Middle, and High School 


Resources for AAC: 


Resources for Voice:

The Voice Foundation

Reading a book with your child improves their vocabulary and

their ability to understand, take turns and communicate.
How to Share a Book “During Read Alouds” With Your Child

1. Ask open ended questions while/during reading.
      “What do you think will happen? “
      “Where will he/she be”
      “Why do you think that happened”
      “What do you think about this?”
      “Why do you think they are going there?
2. Pause ( a little) after asking the questions to build in wait time to respond.
3. Respond to all communication attempts with words, comments, gestures, laughs, smiles, head nods, making faces,
    etc. This will help to signal the end of the child’s communication turn.
4. It is okay to sometimes provide the the verbal ,answer so that the child hears how you are thinking