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Week of Oct. 15th
Due Date: 10/12/2018
Subject: 8th Grade English

Week of Oct. 15th 

AOW is due Friday!!


Mon. -   Week 11 WOD 1-10- Root: photo prefix: im- il- in-

             Analyze "If" by Rudyard Kipling

             Read The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1 Scene 4

             Daily journal entry

             Homework: Read/Annotate Terrezin Concentration Camp (AOW)

Tues. - Read Anne Frank Scene 5

            Discuss AOW

            Daily journal entry


Wed. -  Read Anne Frank Act II Scene 1 and 2

            Homework: Reread AOW for understanding


Thurs. - Read Anne Frank Scene 3

             Homework: Write objective summary

             Daily journal entry

Fri. -     Week 11 vocab./roots/affix quiz

             AOW due

             Daily journal entry