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Week of Dec. 11th
Due Date: 12/16/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Dec. 11th

Monday: Lesson 17: WOD 1-10 

             Inference/Textual evidence review 

Tuesday: Science Case 21/ Inference/Textual evidence review 

Wednesday: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow test/ Forensics puzzle 

Thursday: Lesson 17 Vocab. quiz Wrap up Mystery Unit  

Friday: Last day to turn in makeup work. 

           Merry Christmas!!!


Week of Dec. 4th
Due Date: 12/15/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Dec. 4th 

Monday: Lesson 16 WOD 1-5

              Story elements/Plot

              Review key vocab. words/ Student write defintions

                                                    using context clues. 

              Read Sleepy Hollow 

Tuesday: Lesson 16 WOD 6-10

              Sleepy Hollow: Complete analysis on how story elements

              impact the  plot 

Wednesday: Case 21 Writing Test 

Thursday: Conclude w/Sleepy Hollow

                Review answers for Case 21  

Friday: Lesson 16 vocab. quiz

           Complete review on Case 21

Week of Nov. 27th
Due Date: 12/2/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Nov. 27th

Vocab quiz: Friday!!!

Monday: Week 15 WOD 1-5

               Notes on story elements and how they develop the theme

               Discussion: The Westing Game


               The Westing Game: Analyze story elements and theme development

Wednesday: Vocabulary Review 

                 The Westing Game: Theme development assignment

Thursday:  Vocabulary Review 

                   Present group theme development 

Friday:  Lesson 15 Vocab. quiz 

             View film adaptation

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Week of Nov. 20th
Due Date: 11/25/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Enjoy Thanksgiving Break!!

Week of Nov. 13th
Due Date: 11/19/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Nov. 13th 

Mystery Research essays are due on presentation dates: 15th, 16th, or 17th.

Bring a copy of your essay to class on Monday.

Monday: Lesson 14 WOD 1-5

               The Westing Game Chap. 26-30/Chapter questions assigned due Friday!!

               Peer Revision/Editing- Essay

Tuesday: Lesson 14 WOD 6-10

                Poetic Device quiz

                Complete chapter questions

                Film Adaptation: The Westing Game

Wednesday: Presentations

                Complete chapter questions

Thursday: Presentations

                  Complete chapter questions    

Friday: Lesson 14 quiz


             Chapter questions due!



Week of Nov.6th
Due Date: 11/12/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Nov. 6th

Mystery Research project continues due on presentation dates.(students were told their dates last week)

No vocabulary this week, but WE WILL have homework to prepare for the Case 21 on Thursday and study poetic devices with quizlet(check links page). Quiz on Tues. Nov. 14th!

Monday: Read The Westing Game Chap. 10-14

               Chromebooks in class: Create Powerpoints/Write draft

               Homework: Paul Revere practice test questions

Tuesday: Read The Westing Game Chap. 15-18/Suspects sheet

                          Review Paul Revere practice test questions

               Research essay: Conclusions


Wednesday: Read The Westing Game Chap. 19-22

                          Review Paul Revere practice test questions

               Research essay: Peer review


Thursday: ELA Case 21 (test grade)


Friday: Read The Westing Game Chap. 23-26/Clue Sheet




Week of Oct. 30th
Due Date: 11/4/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Oct. 30th 

Memory Work due Nov. 3rd recite Eldorado (quiz grade)

Mystery Project due Nov. 14,15, or 16 (depending on presentation date) Please research at home and work on research project at home as well. 

The Westing Game - This novel will be read in class (class sets only) 

Monday - Field Trip

Tuesday - WOD 1-10 

               The Westing Game Chap. 1-2

               Begin research and take notes on mystery topics

Wednesday - The Westing Game Chap. 3-4

               Research and take notes project in the lab 

Thursday - Vocab Review

               The Westing Game Chap. 5-6

               Complete organizer for essay 

Friday Vocab. Week 13 quiz

               The Westing Game 7-8

               Complete organizer


Week of Oct. 23rd
Due Date: 10/28/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Oct. 23rd 

Writing focus: Argumentative Essay: Due Friday

Memory work: recite Eldorado by Nov. 3rd

Monday: Week 12 WOD 1-5 Vocab. Quiz Friday!!

               Mystery Unit Research Project info

              Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

              Augmentative: Writing Claims

Tuesday: Week 12 WOD 6-10

              Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

                   Augmentative: Claims/Evidence

Wednesday: Essay: Format

Thursday: Write Essay: Draft

Friday: Vocab quiz!!! Essay is due!!!


Week of Oct. 16th
Due Date: 10/20/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Oct. 16th 

Poetic device test on Friday Oct. 20th

Check my links section for figurative language practice!!

Monday - WOD 1-5

              Analyze poem Tell Tale Heart for poetic devices

Tuesday- WOD 6-10

             Tell Tale Heart-poectic devices/ interpret meanings

Wednesday - Tell Tale Heart- analyze mood/tone/how suspense is created

Thursday - Review vocab and poetic devices for test on Friday

Friday - Week 11 vocab. quiz

             Poetic device test    


Week of Oct. 9th
Due Date: 10/15/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Mystery Unit - Poetry Memory work due Nov. 3rd

Week of Oct. 9th    

Monday - Fall Break 

Tuesday- WOD- 1-10 - quiz Friday!!

               Finger printing AOW

               Figurative Lang. foldables

               Analyze poem "Eldoraldo" by Edgar Allan Poe - Memory work

Wednesday - Analyze poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

Thursday- "The Raven"

Friday - Lesson 10 vocab quiz 

            AOW due


Week of Oct. 2
Due Date: 10/9/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

This will be our last week of reading the works of Mark Twain and it is the last week of the 1st nine weeks. Vocabulary quiz Thursday!!!

Monday- Week 9 Vocab 1-5

              Notes: Objective Summaries/ Ellipsis/Dash

Tuesday- Week 9 Vocab 6-10

              Objective summary practice

Wednesday- Vocab. review 

                   Read Roughing It by Mark Twain

Thursday- Complete text dependent questions/summaries

Friday- Compare and Contrast text to media of Mark Twain's works 

Week of Sept. 25
Due Date: 9/29/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Sept. 25th 

We will continue our author study on Mark Twain. 

Vocabulary quiz: Friday!!!

Motivational Monday -  Vocabulary Words 1-5

                                 Mini-lesson Irony

                                 Weekly Growth Goals 


Tuesday -   Vocabulary words 6-10 

                 Read The Bad Little Boy by Mark Twain

                 Irony practice 

                 Grammar: Commas/Ellipsis


Wednesday -  The Bad Little Boy questions

                     Grammar practice


Thursday-  Review vocabulary 

                 Text Discussion

                 Grammar practice


Friday - Vocabulary quiz



Week of Sept. 18th
Due Date: 9/22/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Week of Sept. 18th 

Motivational Monday- WOD 1-5

                                Set weekly growth goals

                                Review theme development

Tuesday - WOD 6-10/ Review weekly goals

                Begin reading Exceprt from The Adventures of Huck Finn

                Make journal reponse entry

Wednesday - Vocabulary analogy/ Review weekly goals

                  Answer critial thinking questions

Thursday - Complete critical thinking question

                 Compare character Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

FridayVocab 7 quiz

             Cold Read Test II (standards covered: inferencing, theme     development, word meaning) 




Week of Sept. 11th
Due Date: 9/9/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

This week, we will begin our author study on Mark Twain. 

You can review this week's vocabulary words under the links section on my website. 

Monday -       Growth Mindset - Introduction

                     Parts of Speech practice /WOD - 1-5

                     Tom Sawyer Play

Tuesday -       WOD - 6-10

                     Play- Analyze characterization and dialogue

Wednesday -  Play - Analyze dialect and writing with parts of speech

                     Review vocabulary for quiz on Thursday. 

Thursday -      Vocabulary quiz TODAY!

Friday -          Homecoming parade 


Week of Sept. 4th
Due Date: 9/8/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Monday - Labor Day 

Tuesday - WOD 1-10  

                Last Day to work in class on research paper and powerpoint for presentations. 

Wednesday - Presentations begins (Random sticks were pulled to determine your presentation date)

Thursday - Presentations

Friday - Vocab. quiz and presentations

Homework: Complete research paper and presentations.  






Week of August 28th
Due Date: 9/1/2017
Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts

Monday,Aug. 28th - Friday,  Sept. 1 Begin success story research project

Make sure that the person that you have chosen has been approved by me. 

I don't want multiple projects completed on the same person. 

Friday, Sept. 1st. Memory Work - Students will have to recite the poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Friday, Sept. 1st will be the last chance for any makeup work from Helen Keller unit.