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Study guide for test on March 2nd
Due Date: 3/1/2018
Subject: 6th Grade Science

Motion and Forces Study Guide

Name___________________________                               Period_____________

1.    Give an example of the unit of measurement for ..

Velocity_____, Speed _____, Distance _______, Time _____, Mass _____ , Displacement ____ , and Force ______.

2.    The greater the mass of an object, the ______________ the ______________.

3.    The force present when two objects rub against one another is called____________.

4.    Define speed, force, displacement,





5.    ___________________ is any push or pull on an object.

6.    Give an example of how you might increase friction. Example: car stuck in mud ___________________________________________________________________.

7.    The natural attraction of objects to one another; example objects falling toward Earth. This force is called________________________.

8.    The tendency of an object to resist change in motion is called__________________. (hint: Newton’s 1st Law)

9.    Write the formula to calculate speed._____________________________________

10. When you know both the speed and direction of an object, you know that object’s _________________________.

11. What is the SI unit of acceleration? ______________________________

12. On a distance-time graph showing the speed of an object, a flat, horizontal line means_______________________________________.

13. Define acceleration. ______________________________________________________.

14. Give an example of negative acceleration._______________________________________


15. If a car travels 200 km in 2 hours, you can now calculate its________________________.

16. When an object’s position is changing, it is in _____________________.

17. A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion is called a ________________ _____________________.

18. Define average speed. _________________________________________________.

19. What is the difference between distance and displacement?______________________


20. Flight is achieved by shifting the balance between what 4 opposing forces?





21. What are the three types of acceleration?


22. Formula for Speed

23. Formula for Force


24. What part of the airplane is responsible for creating the most thrust?

25. What force acts in the opposite direction of thrust?



Motion and Force Study Guide answers.

1.       Velocity- 30mph East

Speed – 30 mph

Distance – 30 miles or 30 ft or 30 kilometers

Time – 30 seconds, 30h (hours), or 30 min (minutes

Mass – 30 g (grams), 30 kg (kilograms)

Displacement – 30 ft North, 30 miles East, or 20 meters West

Force – 30 N (Newtons)

2.       Greater, inertia

3.       Friction

4.       Speed – the distance traveled divided by the time traveled

Force – a push or pull

Displacement – distance and direction from a starting point to an ending point

5.       Force

6.       Put sand on an icy driveway, put wood under a tire stuck in the mud

7.       Gravity

8.       Inertia

9.       Speed= distance/time

10.   Velocity

11.   m/s2

12.   its not moving

13.   the speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction of an object

14.   a car slowing down because of a stop sign

15.   speed

16.   motion

17.   reference point

18.   distance traveled divided by time traveled

19.   Distance the total amount an object travels; displacement is distance and direction from a starting point to an end point

20.   Lift, thrust, drag, weight (gravity)

21.   Negative, positive, changing direction

22.   Speed= distance/time

23.   Force= mass x acceleration

24.   Engine

25.   Drag