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Social Studies Assignments - 6th Grade Social Studies(Archived)
1st Nine Weeks-Social Studies
Due Date: 10/17/2018
Subject: 6th Grade Social Studies

Week of October 1-5:

Unit- Citizenship



·         Begin citizenship unit

·         TSW watch a video on Learn 360 “Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities” (24 min)

·         TSW watch CNN 10 and be ready for small group discussion of events mentioned


·         TSW write the citizenship vocabulary definitions in their notebook

·         Who is a citizen?- TSW read Chapter 24 Section 1 in the SS textbook and have class discusion

·         TSW add a US Citizenship graphic organizer in their interactive notebook

·         TSW write notes on the organizer


·         TCW read Chapter 24 Section 2- What are the differences between rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens?

·         TSW add notes to the graphic organizer


·         TSW complete the handout “Citizenship: Just the Facts” ( in small groups

·         TTW have class discussion for the answers on handout


·         TSW complete “Citizen Me” ( in groups

·         TTW use “Citizen Me” power point to help for understanding

·         TTW have class discussion for the answers on handout

·         TSW complete a rights and responsibilities quiz for a quick check of understanding


*The class will watch CNN10 a few days during the week. TTW facilitate a class discussion on some of the events mentioned in news clip.