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2nd Nine Weeks
Due Date: 12/24/2017
Subject: 6th Grade Language Arts

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2nd Nine Weeks-

Language Arts/Social Studies


Language Arts:  Week of Nov. 13-17: (No vocabulary this week)

**List of vocabulary words can be printed from handouts section of my website.


Reading skills for the week: Read fiction novels to learn skills: Making inferences, theme, point of view

Writing skills for the week: Using fiction texts to explore author's writing techniques and write in journals.


  • Introduce first 3 vocabulary words.
  • Use mentor texts-poetry to learn making inferences, theme, and figurative language
  • TSW  write rough draft for their personal narrative
  • Library Day  


  • IDR-Independent Reading Time/Student-Teacher Conferences
  • Review vocabulary words 1-3.
  • Being a Writer-Revising personal narrative  for sensory details and author's voice
  • TTW read poetry by Langston Hughes to make inferences and find theme


  •  Being A Writer-Continue working on revisions.
  • Introduce Vocabulary words 4-6
  • Making Meaning- Use poems to make inferences, find theme, and analyze figurative language
  • IDR



  • Being A Writer Work on Personal Narratives
  • Review Vocabulary review words 4-6
  • Making Meaning-
  • IDR-Be thinking about the all the story elements as you read your independent book


  • Work on personal narratives
  • Review vocabulary words 1-6.
  • Making Meaning-Character change of main character in your independent book
  • IDR


 Social Studies:  Week of Nov. 13-17:

Monday- Finish taking notes for study guide-Chap. 25 America's Political Heritage( copy of study guide with answers under handouts)-Test Wednesday

Tuesday-Watch "The Story of Magna Carta" and "Declaration of Independence" videos. Review for test

Wednesday-Test on America's Political Heritage

Thursday-Mrs. Young-Guidance lesson

Friday- Watch Hidden Figures movie as a supplement to Math classes.



HANDOUTS- Any handouts/worksheets can be found under "Handouts" link at the top of my website page.