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2nd Nine Weeks-Social Studies
Due Date: 12/31/2018
Subject: 6th Grade Social Studies

Week of November 26th-30th:

      Unit- Early Colonial America             




·         ELA Case 21 Testing in Computer Lab


·         TSW complete a Walk Around activity in the commons area on the 13 colonies(can be downloaded under handouts link)

·         TSW learn who founded each colony and when each colony was founded

·         TSW use a handout to guide them through the walk around activity


·         TTW read and discuss Chapter 25, Section 2 (p.595) of textbook-“Roots of American Government”

·         TSW see how the Magna Carta led to certain US documents we have today

·         TTW show a video “The Story of the Magna Carta” on youtube (13 min)


·         TCW read and discuss Section 3 (p. 599) “Moving Toward Nationhood”

·         TSW answer questions on p. 605


·         TSW read an article titled “What is the Declaration of Independence?”

·         TTW discuss the article

·         TSW work with a partner to complete a “Grievance Matching” activity on the Declaration of Independence



*The class will watch CNN10 a few days during the week. TTW facilitate a class discussion on some of the events mentioned in news clip.