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3rd Nine Weeks-Social Studies
Due Date: 1/1/2019
Subject: 6th Grade Social Studies

Week of March 4th-8th:

      Unit- U.S. Geography          

          Here is a the link to a map game.  Just find the game that has the region we are testing.



·         TTW introduce North America as including Canada and Mexico

·         TTW explain the “fast facts” including area, population, physical features, etc

·         TSW label a blank map of North America using the information in the Jr. Scholastic magazine


·         TTW use the videos on the Pearson website to introduce Canada

·         TTW read the story about Alyssa to introduce more on Canada

·         TCW read and discuss Section 1 of textbook p. 36-43 (physical features, climate, land and resources)


·         TSW complete the open book 9 weeks test and label map of the 50 U.S. states


·         TCW review Section 1 of Canada

·         TCW read and discuss Section 2 of textbook p. 44-49 (government and culture)


·         TSW finish reading and discussing Section 2 of textbook

·         TCW watch a video on “Wild Canada” on Learn 360



*The class will watch CNN10 a few days during the week. TTW facilitate a class discussion on some of the events mentioned in news clip.