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Hurricane web quest
Exploring hurricanes

Tracking Hurricane Katrina

Create a Cane

After your web quest, play this interactive game.

Plate tectonics
Central US Earthquakes

Great for topic #1


Great info for topic #2 as well as others

Central Earthquake Safety

Great for all topics

Earthquake County Alliance

Overview of what to do before, during, and after and earthquake

San Francisco 72

Great resources for topic #1

webquest link1

Webquest link2

Webquest link3

webquest link4

Webquest link5

webquest link6

webquest link7

webquest link7 (hot spots)

webquest link8 (hot spots)

Ted Talks
It's Elemental - Jefferson Lab

Practice Balancing equations

Web Elements

Interactive Periodic Table

Khan Academy - balancing equations

Online tutoring for balancing equations

Chemistry for kids

Explore the basics of chemistry while playing fun games!

World of Molecules

Hunting the Elements

Earth in Space
Duration of daylight hours

Seaons Interactive-webquest

Why do We have Seasons-webquest

Reason for the Seasons Video


Tornado link #1

Practice sex-linked pedigree

pedigree practice

Pedigree Quiz

Punnett Square practice

drag & drop punnett squares

punnett square quiz

Incomplete & codominance Tutorial

Tour of the Basics Webquest

Ecology & Adaptations
Biome Information

Food Chain Game-webquest

Use for webquest #1-6

Pond Food Web-webquest

Use this link to answer #7-21

Nitrogen Cycle webquest

Use link for web quest #22-26

Build a Food Web-webquest

Explore this site when you finish the webquest

Animal Diet Game: herbivore, omnivore, carnivore

Energy Pyramid

Producer, Consumer, Decomposers

Food Chain Cards

Arkive: design a Species

Nitrogen Cycle

Universe & the EM Spectrum
EM Spectrum

NASA - Mission webquest

Universe Webquest