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::::Culinary Club Please see the bottom::::


Week at a glance

  November 12th - 16th:


Homework will be given every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Monday: Correct Friday's test with partners, discuss grades, practice multiplying fractions and mixed numbers

Tuesday: Lesson 5.3.1 Area of Parallelograms

Wednesday:  Continue area of a parallelogram.  Whiteboard review of adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions.  Simplify, simplify, simplify!!

Thursday:  Fact Fluency test, Review for test on Friday

Friday:  Test 2.6 on all skills taught


Homework this week: Read Chapter 8 Lesson 1 in Interactive Workbook and review all notes discussed in class.

Monday: Chapter 7 lesson 3 quiz. Continue with our banana assessment each day, Begin chapter 8 on Protist and Fungi.

Tuesday: Different type of Protists and why we need them. 

Wednesday: Difference between the animal like protists, fungus like protists, and plant like protists.

Thursday:  The importance of Algae

Friday:  What are Diatoms, Dinoflagelletes, and paramecium?




Culinary club...text @acef9e to 81010 for Remind


Recipes from 10/29/18

Punch:  1 part Apple Juice, 1 part lemonade, 1 part white grape juice, and 2 parts gingerale

Pumpkin dip: Mix, one can of pumpkin puree, 1 container of cool whip, and one box of instant vanilla pudding mix.

     Mix all until its a whipped consistency.  Serve with your choice of graham craker sticks, or vanilla waffers

No Bake Banana Pudding: 1 box of instant vanilla pudding, one cup of milk, one can of condensed milk, 3 bananas, a bag of vanilla waffters, and one container of cool whip.

    Combine instant pudding with one cup of milk, mix until it is hardened, add condensed milk, cool whip, bananas, and wafers.  Pour into a dish.  Place in refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.


























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