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Week at a glance

August 20th - 24th :


Homework will be given every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Monday: Review test, make corrections, discuss common missed problems, factoring and prime factorization.  

Toesday:  Exponents and decimals, and dvision with decimals.

Wednesday:  Multiplying, subtracting, and adding decimals.

Thursday:  Timed Multiplication test ! Review for Friday's test.

Friday:  Test on all material covered this week and last week.


Homework this week: review notes for test on Friday.

Monday: How do we get energy?  Is a virus living?

Tueday: How do we classify organisms? What is a dichotomous key?

Wednesday:  Who is Carl Linneaus? 

Thursday: Review for test!

Friday: Test on Chapter one (Characteristics of living things, and classification)



6th grade supply list for Mrs. Ferrell's classes: 

2 inch (or larger) binder with paper and two dividers
1 basic 4-function calculator ($1)
4 pack (or larger) pkg. of dry erase markers
3-hole pencil pouch to keep in math binder (holds calculator and pencils)


1 folder or binder to hold paper/handouts

1 composition notebook

1 pkg. markers (any size)
glue sticks (at least 3)


1 composition journal (marbeled)
1 pkg. lined index cards

1 pkg. of wide ruled paper


*ALL STUDENTS need to bring a pencil to EVERY CLASS, EVERY DAY.
*GIRLS - 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, 1 roll of paper towels
*BOYS – 1 box of Kleenex, 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
*WISH LIST: (These are not required, but they are helpful to any of your teachers!)
color copier paper, gallon Ziploc bags, Post-It notes, lined index cards, cap erasers, dry erase markers





If you have any questions you may contact me at