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Week at a glance:

March 19th - March 23rd


Earth and Universe


Monday: Introduce  new chapter: What's in our Solar System?

Tuesday:  Work on Vocabulary for chapter by creating notecards with definition, picture, and example.

Wednesday: Students will research to find out interesting facts about the objects in the solar system and how/why its set up a certain way.

Thursday: Read and write about our Universe based on article provided.

Friday: Finish up any work from the week and review the planets and their structure.


  • astronomical unit -unit of measure that equals 150 million km (AU), which is the mean distance from Earth and the Sun
  • comet-large body of frozen ice and rock that travels toward the center of the solar system; may originate in the Oort Cloud, and develops a bright, glowing tail as it approaches the Sun
  • constellation-group of stars that forms a pattern in the sky and can be mnamed after a real or imaginary animal, object, or person
  • eclipse-event that occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth (solar eclipse) or when Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon (lunar Eclipse) and casts a shadow
  • galaxy-group of stars, gas, and dust, held together by gravity
  • light-year- about 9.5 million km- the distance that light travels in one year - which is used to measure large distance between stars or galaxies
  • meteorite- any space fragment that survives its plunge through the atmosphere and landson Earth's surface
  • orbit- regular, curved path followed by Earth as it moves around the Sun
  • revolution-movement of Earth around the Sun, which takes a year to complete
  • rotation-spinning of Earth on its axis, which occurs once every 24 hour, produces day and night, and causees the planets and stars to appear to rise and set
  • solar system-system of nine planets and numberous other objects that orbit the Sun, all held in place by the Sun's gravity
  • supernova-very bright explosion of the outer part of a supergiant that takes place after its core collapses.




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