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Please view my calendar for what is going on, everything science, in our classroom

Please email me at if you have any questions or come see me during 2nd, before or after school, or at break.

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  Current Unit: The Rock Cycle

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UNIT TEST:  - Nov. 30


Unit Vocab Due: Nov. 29


Week at a Glance: November 12-16th



STATE TEST: May 2019 


Mon: Begin notes on fossils and dating using fossils

HW: review notes; vocabulary

Tues: Finish notes; Fossil actvity

HW: review notes, work on vocabulary

Wed: Fossil Dating Activity; progress reports go home

HW: review notes, work on vocabulary

Thurs:  Fossil Dating Lab Day 2

HW: work on vocabulary

Fri: Reading from text; interactive workbook pages to complete in class

HW: reveiw notes


  • 40% Test Grades (Usually 2 to 3 per 9 weeks)
  • 35% Class work/Quizzes (a minimum of 1 per weeks)
  • 15% Homework (If I don't have many HW grades, this % can affects grades if there is a 0)
  • 10% - 9 Weeks Test or project/Semester Exams


****Completed vocabulary notebooks are due the day before any test. Students can make flash cards using study guide questions for 5 bonust points on the tests.***

Students should download the Inigma app for vocabulary or they can visit the website listed on the sheet for examples. If they do not have internet access at home, it is their responsibility to see me for a time to visit the computer lab or library during study hall or activity time.





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