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8th Science Home Page 



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  Current Unit: Earth's History

UNIT TEST:  - Dec. 3rd

Unit Vocab Due: Nov. 30th

Next Unit:  Plate Tectonics


 Week at a Glance: Nov. 12th - 16th

STATE TEST: May 2019 


Mon: Rock Cycle post Quiz, Research state fossils, start relative dating notes

HW: none

Tues: fiish power point notes

HW: work on vocab dictionary

Wed: Realtive dating inquiry activity

HW:  get progress report signed

Thurs:  finish Relative Dating Activity

HW: work on vocab dictionary

Fri: Read about Relative dating, mix it up lunch, guest speaker 6th period only, & dodge ball tounrmet

HW: none



  • 40% Test Grades (Usually 2 to 3 per 9 weeks)
  • 35% Class work/Quizzes (a minimum of 1 per weeks)
  • 15% Homework (I don't have many HW grades so this % can affects grades if there is a 0)
  • 10% - 9 Weeks Test or project/Semester Exams