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Summer Reading List 

7th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

Summer reading will prepare students for the upcoming school year by serving as foundational texts, offering a framework for the study of literature, and providing students the opportunity to continue to explore and expand their study and appreciation of literature during the summer.

Students are to read Long Way fromChicago by Richard Peck and be prepared for discussions the first week of school.

Your summer assignment is to complete the following writing prompt:

You have just read Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck. Write an essay which analyzes how one of the three major characters grew and developed over the course of the novel. Remember to include specific details and relevant evidence from the text to support your analysis. Your essay must be three to five paragraphs in length.

Your writing will be scored based on the development of ideas, organization of writing, and language conventions of grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Enjoy your summer reading. We are looking forward to teaching you this upcoming school year