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Teresa Anderson Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
7th Grade Language Arts


I graduated from Delta State University with a BBA and a major in accounting.  I worked for many years in the corporate world and then chose to change my profession to teaching.  I completed the Mississippi Alternate Path Training and began teaching 13 years ago.  I am so thankful that I decided to make the change and only regret that I did not do it sooner.


I taught sixth grade English for three years at Desoto Central Middle School.  I had to leave there when my husband transferred to a church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The commute would have been terrible! :-) I taught ninth grade English there for four years.  My family transferred back to this area when my husband accepted a position at LaBelle Haven Baptist Church.  I have been teaching 7th grade English at LMS since August 2011. 


l have lived in Mississippi my whole life except for the four years that I lived in Oklahoma.  I currently reside in Olive Branch with my husband, two sons (Doug and Brett), and our dog.  My husband is the Minister of Education and Administration at LaBelle Haven Baptist Church in Olive Branch. It's the church on Hwy 305 with the three lighted crosses in front.  Both of my sons attend Lewisburg High School and both are in the Patriot Marching Band.  I teach a ladies' Sunday School class at my church and sing in the alto section of our choir.  One of my favorite thngs to do is to sing solos at church. 

Since I am a native Mississipian, some of my students wonder why I am such a fan of the University of North Carolina.  (GO HEELS!)  That is because my husband was born and raised in North Carolina.  He converted me after we were married 21 years ago.  I will admit, though, I do still love to watch a good Mississippi State University game.