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Kathryn Roehm Staff Photo
Subjects Taught

High School: Norma C. O'Bannon High School 1992  
College: Delta State University 1998  
Degree: BSE in Elementary Education 1998  
Post-Graduate: Gifted Education endorsement 2000  

Library Media endorsement 2011

Art Content Knowledge endorsement 2013



Strayhorn Elementary School 1998

Oak Grove Central Elementary 1999-2000

East Tate Elementary 2001-2011

Horn Lake Middle School 2011-2012

Lewisburg Middle School 2012-Current



My name is Kathryn Roehm and this is my 7th year teaching at Lewisburg Middle. I am originally from Leland, MS and a Delta State University graduate. I moved to DeSoto County after I married in 1997. I have two children, my daughter, Morgan, is 18 and my son, Brady, is 13.

I am an adamant coffee and chocolate consumer :)

I like flip-flops, shorts, softball, baseball, laughing, and sunshine. I believe that students learn more efficiently relaxed in a mutually respected environment. Everyone is a lifelong learner and all opinions have merit. It is our short comings and mistakes that make our victories memorable.

My philosophy of teaching is simple : Every child can learn - Just come on in!