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National Honor Society

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National Junior Honor Society

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Membership Criteria:

  • Scholarship: 94% average

  • Service: Volunteer service conducted by the student without compensation

  • Leadership: Leadership experience from school and community can be considered

  • Character: Positive character qualities including honesty, respect, courtesy, etc.

  • Citizenship: Civic involvement and demonstration of civic values such as freedom, democracy and justice.


  • Students may not receive a failing grade in any subject in any on the report card 


  • Students who have been suspended may not be admitted to the NJHS Membership will be revoked from students who have been suspended in or out of school while in the NJHS
  • Students who have received three or more ALC days during the three consecutive quarters will not be admitted to the NJHS
  • Membership will be revoked from students who receive ALC two or more times in a school year .


  • Students caught cheating in the year of admittance will not be admitted to the NJHS
  • Membership will be revoked from students caught cheating
  • Students must be respectful to teachers, administrators and students
  • Significant teacher concerns regarding a student’s character will be taken into consideration by the committee
  • All input on a student’s character must be documented and forwarded to the committee for review.


  • Applicants must participate in one (1) school related activity. This activity does not have to be a sport.


  • 8 hours of community service activity is required.
  • Students may meet their requirement by volunteering at a school event.
  • Students may also complete their community service requirement through a legitimate charitable organization, for example, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, etc.

Forms will be distributed to students to be filled out by the the responsible party

  • Paid activities are not acceptable – ex. babysitting, tutoring, etc.


  • Teacher recommendation forms will be distributed to the teachers of each applicant. They are to be filled out and returned to the committee. Every single one of the child’s teachers will receive this recommendation sheet for review.
  • The contents of teacher recommendations will not be shared with parents and students.


***Applications must be on time. Late applications will not be accepted. Responsibility is important for each applicant.