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Lewisburg Middle School Library  

Scholastic Book Fair

November 12th- November 16th








 Language Arts Library Schedule

Monday & Thursday - 6th grade

Tuesday & Wednesday - 7th grade

Friday - 8th grade

The library currently has over 8886 books, 21 magazine subscriptions, 15 student computers, and various reading centers. Classes are scheduled by literature teachers to come weekly. Computers are used for individual and class research, assignments, and projects. Books may be checked out by students for a period of two weeks. The library is open at 6:45 each morning, Student may come to the library during study hall, break, or during their regularly scheduled library time. Books may be rechecked once.

          Students key in their assigned ID# on the keypad at the Circulation Desk for checking out. Students are responsible for replacement costs on all lost or damaged books.


 Selection of Materials


Materials are selected to serve both teachers and students. The library media center contains a balanced comprehensive collection of media. This collection contributes to the instructional program of the schools and also includes materials, which provide for recreation and enrichment.

          In general, learning resources shall be selected for their strengths, rather than rejected for their weaknesses. The following criteria are used as a guide in selection: literary and artistic excellence/ lasting importance or significance to a field of knowledge/ contribution to the curriculum and the educational goals of the school/ favorable reviews found in standard selection sources/ reputation of author, producer, and publisher/ high degree of potential user appeal/ quality, durability, and variety of format/ value commensurate with cost and/or need.