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  Mission Statement  

In order to convey our mission statement and improve communication between the school and all stakeholders, the following communication plan has been created:

The mission of Lewisburg Middle School is to provide each student a safe and supportive environment in order to develop the knowledge, academic skills, self-esteem, and self-discipline to be successful in school and in life.

Why are we here?

Commitment to Education:

The educators of Desoto County accept the challenge of the profession. We have chosen, individually and collectively, to provide and support the total educational process.

Commitment to Students:

  • Seek constantly to improve teaching strategies and opportunities
  •  Make discreet use of available information about a student
  •  Seek to improve learning opportunities to meet the needs of each child
  •  Strive to develop a positive self-concept in each student
  • Provide a foundation to function as a productive citizen in an ever-changing society

Commitment to Community:

  • Share the responsibility for the improvement of educational opportunities for all
  • Promote parental involvement in all areas of a child’s development
  • Initiate frequent parent contact to discuss grades, attendance, etc.
  • Encourage involvement of the business community in our schools

Commitment to the Profession:

  • Recognize that a profession must accept responsibility for the conduct of its members and understand that our conduct may be representative
  • Keep the trust under which confidential information is exchanged
  •  Interpret and use the writing of others and the findings of educational research with intellectual honesty
  • Maintain integrity

  About The School  

Rules and Policies

  • Handbook
  • Webpage
  • Internet and Technology Use Policies are required to be signed by parents and students.
  • Employee Handbook

All policies, procedures, and rules are in the student as well as the employee handbook, in order for all stakeholders to be informed on day one of the school year. All employees, parents, and students are required to sign a statement indicating they received the appropriate handbook. Parents, students, and employees are also encouraged to read the handbook thoroughly.

Additions or changes are communicated via handouts, auto dialers, and/or meetings. Many policies, rules, and procedures are also posted on the school webpage and the district webpage. The school’s mission statement will be reviewed yearly by a committee and any additions or changes will be voted in at that time.


  • Grades via Parent Portal (Online)
  • Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Remind 101 (Teacher Assignments)
  • Teacher Webpages (Homework, Assignments, Projects, and teacher Bios)
  • Teacher/Administrator phone conferences

Teachers are encouraged to keep their grades updated in PowerSchool, so parents will have immediate online access. They’re also encouraged to communicate with parents regularly regarding assignments and due dates via Remind 101 as well as their personal webpages.

Activities (Sports, PTA, Band, etc…)

  • School Webpage
  • Auto-dialer to Parents
  • Handouts/Flyers sent home
  • Morning and Afternoon Announcements
  • Student Handbook
  • Employee Handbook

All athletic schedules are posted on the school webpage, in the student handbook, and the employee handbook. Additions and changes are communicated via handouts sent home, auto dialers, and the school webpage. Other events are also communicated through the school webpage, handouts sent home, school announcements, and by auto dialer.